Smith & Arner ® ® is one of the reputable housekeeping and cleaning service providers in India.

Our janitorial services are made to cater to the commercial sector, whereas with regards to cleaning we offer both commercial and residential cleaning services. Our services include: daily housekeeping services , industrial cleaning , carpet and upholstery cleaning , floor care, washroom services, window and facade cleaning, pest control services, post construction cleaning and one-time cleaning for offices, factories and residences.

Before undertaking any project, we are happy to provide our client with a sample. A sample gives our client confidence in the quality of service we can deliver. It also helps to clearly outline the scope of work, materials to be used and time required.

Smith& Arner currently provides housekeeping and commercial cleaning services to over 200 well known organisations covering a broad range of clients from large public sector organisations to smaller private companies.

We clean at hundreds of locations in India, working through 16 dedicated offices and many more site offices. We can deploy anyone, anywhere.

Our organisation is completely legally compliant with all dues deposited and returns filed on time. We are an ISO certified outfit and a member of the British Institute of Cleaning Sciences.