Unisource is your partner to provide supply chain solution offering full ranges of apparel for Ladies, Men, Essentials, Kids, Babies, Home Furnishings and Soft Line Goods. 
At Unisource we handle from product development, design, raw materials fabric purchases and sourcing, optimizing the critical paths, warehousing, production source and manufacture, provide banking, finance and finally all logistics and traffic services bringing products with deliveries to your door.

Our patented supply chain organized software [ERP] optimizes the process of supply chain for our end consumer’s in reducing their overheads considerably by outsourcing to a single point contact [one stop shop] company.

Our product development team is always on the go worldwide to discover the latest trends and what fashion forward brands are doing, with our vast experience in technology of garmenting and fabric sourcing we will transform these trends into highly commercial designs that become fast moving goods in your stores.

Unisource has showroom capabilities in Mexico, Bangladesh, India, USA and Hong Kong for our clients to review lines. 
We have wide network of complaint factories with most major certification for responsible manufacture to requirements of security, ethical sourcing and safety and health, such are located in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam and China under our vendor number and affiliation.

Our services provide products for large format international retailers with individual private brands who desire outstanding quality, design, and exceptional value in terms of prices. 
At Unisource, integrity presides as our main driving force, keeping all transactions efficient, transparent and fair, we work on open formats of Time & Action Calendars, online for review by our clients at all times. Keeping a strict protocol of third party audit inspections we assure our clients that their goods are produced to high technical and ethical standards.