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The Client

A large inner city secondary school.

The Challenge

The client is a secondary school in central Noida that employed their own cleaning team. It emerged that the school was not being cleaned to the required standard. The cleaning team had been left to manage themselves and had even devised a “Sickness Rota”. The challenge was to reorganise the cleaning schedule backfill with Smith & Arner® staff and introduce a cleaning supervisor.

The pupils of the school did not respect the environment as it was never clean. We and the head teacher had to effect a change in attitude by presenting a school they could be proud of.

The Solution

We won the contract to provide cleaning services at the school. No staff TUPE transferred over, however they remained on site contracted to the client, but managed by Smith & Arner®. Initially, we provided a full-time cleaning supervisor and 4 cleaning operatives on-site to meet the client’s cleaning requirements.

Firstly we introduced the cleaning supervisor to the staff and explained (with the client) that the supervisor would be their line manager. We reviewed all the cleaning sets and reorganised them to ensure all the staff had areas of that same size and complexity.

Secondly we implemented the new cleaning regime and our area manager was placed on-site for the first week to ensure that the site supervisor had support to make changes and to follow the implementation plan. Finally, working in partnership with our client and an independent FM consultant, we fine tuned the cleaning specification to ensure all areas of concern were covered. When any of the client’s cleaners leave or take holiday, we back fill or replace with Smith & Arner®’s own staff.

The Benefits

There is a stable and happy team of cleaners and the school is significantly cleaner. The pupils now look after the environment that they are taught in.

We have been able to bring added value to this customer relationship through innovation and a flexible approach to meet the changing needs of the client, ensuring a high quality standard of cleanliness and value for money.


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